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In order to make this process effective we both commit to open / candid communication between each other.

Please make us aware of your activity, such as:

  • Applying directly to companies on your own.
  • Interviews not linked with our firm.
  • If you have one or multiple offers on the table.
  • Your sense of urgency. (This ensures we are on the same timeline and there is no misunderstanding.)
  • Exchange all necessary contact information. (Work, home, cell, e-mail, pager).
  • We will provide appropriate feedback.


It is imperative that we are on the same page regarding your timeline.

  • What is your availability to schedule phone and face-to-face interviews?
  • What is the required notice you must turn in to your current employer?
  • What is your TRUE available start date from the time of offer acceptance?

Throughout this process we will continually ask if anything has changed for you, personally or professionally, that may affect your continued participation with our client, or if you wish to disconnect because you are not interested in the client or the position. 

We understand that unexpected issues surface which may prevent you from continuing your job search and disconnecting from the process.


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