In order to provide candidates with the most effective process and the best experience, open and honest communication is integral throughout all phases. There are a number of situations we must be made aware of in order to provide you with our exceptional service. This information includes but is not limited to:

Which (if any) companies you have applied to directly

Any interviews not linked with our firm

Any other offers you have on the table

Your sense of urgency

Any relevant contact information


Our goal is to connect you with opportunities that match your personal and professional goals, as well as offers you the greatest path to success. In order to ensure that we are equipped to meet and exceed your needs, we will continually verify your interest in proposed opportunities throughout the process. Our success is not defined simply by making a placement, but by the level of satisfaction our clients and candidates achieve because of the placement.

In addition to verifying your commitment in regards to current and prospective opportunities, it is equally vital that we are able to establish and maintain a consistent timeline to ensure that we are able to provide an efficient process.

Three important questions:

  • What is your availability to schedule phone and face-to-face interviews?
  • What is the required notice you must submit to your current employer?
  • What is your TRUE available start date from time of offer acceptance
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